You can get more than billions theme options in designing your Word Press website. So, it is important to know which will be the most suitable theme option for your business or personal website. Perfect theme is the key to the successful website.  Really, theme makes a good impression about the user and it is also helpful for the SEO. Though, theme is not the only condition, the structure of your website design also plays a significant role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, you should be cautious in finding out a design which is right for your website and blog. word press 3 How to choose a WordPress theme for your website or blog Purpose: At first, you ask yourself two questions. What for is your website or blog for? What are you trying to achieve with it? Simply, you must know the purpose of your website and then choose the themes which go for with your blog or website. If the website or blog is for local business, and then provide details about your business, contact information, address and site map. But, if it is for online store, then it is totally an Ecommerce site. In that case, there will be payment options and relevant content blog to catch the attention of potential customers. word press 2               word press 1 Simplicity: The free themes which are available in the market are too much complicated. Though they are good for display, still not so good for functioning. So, the experts suggests for going simple designs, because they are friendly with most browsers and easier for modification also. Browser compatibility Theme should always be browser compatible. Most of the people suggest that there is nothing to about the older browsers. Such as IE 6 is not always go for with the latest theme. But you should remember that there is still a large numbers audience who use internet Explorer and other browsers.  So, always make sure about browser compatibility. Terms of service Get enough knowledge about the terms and conditions of service about the commercial or free themes. Choose the themes which are helpful for the enhancement of the designers work and production of site good. Lots of themes are available in the market and you can pick up the one go for with your necessity.  Word Press Theme Directory can help you a lot in finding the right and the best. Make sure about its performance Now, people want that the website will work on all kinds of devices. People use smartphone or ipad anytime and anywhere. Naturally, you want to provide this opportunity to your customer also. So, make your website in responsive theme which will work on common devices. Remember that, your website is your universal business card. So, choose seriously and do research about the themes for your Word Press website and then take your decision.